3 New JURASSIC WORLD TV Spots Reveal More New Footage

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With Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road now in theaters, we can move to the next huge blockbuster of summer 2015, with Jurassic World getting unleashed in theaters on June 12.

Velociraptors attack Bryce Dallas Howard, plus another look at the T. Rex enclosure, plus Richard Attenborough‘s ‘John Hammond’ narrates, and there’s also plenty of new footage of the unfortunate visitors being eaten by the attractions in latest TV spots for Jurassic World which you can watch below.

Jurassic World is the dinosaur movie people have wanted since the first one. In terms of entertainment, the film tops Avengers (you see a movie like Avengers every year). Oh yeah, almost forgot. Here’s also the new viral video from InGen Technologies:

Directed by Colin Trevorrow, this film offers a terrifying sci-fi adventure set in a fully functional dinosaur theme park on Isla Nublar 22 years after the events of Steven Spielberg’s original 1993 Michael Crichton adaptation, Jurassic Park. The epic action-adventure stars Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, Howard as Claire Dearing, Vincent D’Onofrio as Vic Hoskins, Jake Johnson as Lowery, Irrfan Khan as Simon Masrani, Nick Robinson as Zach, Ty Simpkins as Gray, and B.D. Wong as Dr. Henry Wu.

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