A Chewbacca Selfie with Bob Iger


In addition to all the Star Wars goodness, a selfie posted to the official home of Star Wars on Instagram features Disney chairman-CEO Bob Iger posing with Chewbacca, tagged as “Chairman’s co-pilot”.

Many have speculated that the photo is taken from the Episode VII set at Pinewood Studios in London since Chewie looks pretty good and some rumors swirl that the man in the costume is none other than Peter Mayhew.

If you’re surprised he hasn’t changed anything, well, Wookies live for centuries, so there is little reason for Chewie to be graying after a mere 30 years.

However, I’m worried about him because Chewbacca was killed off in The New Jedi Order – Vector Prime (1999), a novel by R. A. Salvatore to great and furious fan outrage after a moon fell on him.

Are you worried they’re going to get rid of him in this new trilogy?

But he’s here, and he seemed like he’s in pretty good shape right now.