As people who use internet daily we are probably all familiar with the industry that new documentary entitled American Blogger examines. At least that’s the way I saw it — until the trailer rolled over.

You will instantly notice that “American bloggers” are almost exclusively attractive, well-lit women. Let me tell you what I think – the reason lies in the fact that the upcoming American Blogger project examines the profession and tries to take what is usually only covered in their – The Wiegands – own blog posts, and Christopher Wiegand also wanted this film to look very clean and slick, with the so-called “beautiful cinematography.”

Bearing this in mind, Christopher has decided to take a cross country trip to speak about the growth of blogging around the United States and claims to “change the way we see an industry.” From this perspective, the biggest change the way we see an industry is that there only appear to be attractive female bloggers in America.

The film about “American bloggers who are e-friends with my wife, Casey Wiegand” hits iTunes in June.

Check it out and remember that disagreement does not equal conflict.

“The name American Blogger came not because I am representing all of America but because I am traveling America (40 states) in my Airstream and telling the story of the blogger. This film is not supposed to be, nor is it, representing bloggers or America as a whole by any means. These are the women that said yes to my request, they knew my wife and trusted that I would tell this story in a positive way.”