Apocalyptic YOUNG ONES Gets New Trailers


Although no definite Young Ones release date has been scheduled yet, two new trailers have been released in addition to a new poster and lots of new stills.

Described as “a modern-day western disguised within a futuristic milieu,” Jake Paltrow‘s post-apocalyptic indie thriller stars a pretty amazing cast comprised of Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult, Elle Fanning and Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Young Ones premiered at 2014 Sundance to mixed reviews.

Check out the first few promo trailers for Paltrow’s (Gwyneth’s younger brother) upcoming flick, dystopian with sci-fi trappings, but more of a moral drama.

When Ernest and his son, Jerome, use the last of their family’s savings to purchase a robotic mule to deliver food rations to a work crew drilling water wells in the mountains above their home, they never thought it would alter the course of their futures so completely.

Enter Flem with his designs on Ernest’s daughter, Mary, and his hope to take back their land, which his father had once owned in the heyday of early 21st Century industrial farming. When Flem’s desires are actualized through his brilliantly managed lies and careful manipulations, a series of events are set into action that will alter their young lives forever, and Jerome will be forced to make choices that no child should ever have to make.










This looks so damn good, plus it’s using those creepy “dog” robots.