Asa Butterfield Left Off the List for Spider-Man?

New Spider-Man

Marvel and Sony appear at odds over landing the role of Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War and beyond. Jeff Snieder, reporter for The Wrap, revealed on today’s Meet the Movie Press installment that Asa Butterfield (Ender’s Game) is no longer in the running, leaving the race up to Tom Holland (The Impossible), Charlie Plummer (“Boardwalk Empire”) and Matthew Lintz (Pixels).

All names were previously reported to be contenders to play new Spider-Man, but Sneider claims that Marvel’s pick is the younger Plummer, while Sony likes the older Holland.

Speculation as to what happened to Butterfield is that he might have screwed up his deal by going on Reddit and replying to posts that were about him and the Spider-Man castings. I didn’t like him for the part so I don’t mind, but Plummer and LIntz dont even look like they hit puberty yet.

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man will be featured as a high school student when the franchise reboot begins and the hope is to keep him in high school longer than previous iterations of the character on the big screen.

The new webslinger is expected to make his Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance in Captain America: Civil War followed by his own solo film coming out summer 2017. The actor who will be cast as Spider-Man is expected to film his cameo in Civil War in July so expect an announcement sooner than later.

And fast forward to the 10:30 mark in the video below.