AVATAR Sequels Are Gonna Be Bitchin’

James Cameron Film

Speaking with Empire about his upcoming Avatar sequels, director James Cameron got all fired up about what he had in store for fans and seems to have no fears upon the subject.

Cameron said the following:

“I can tell you one thing about them. They’re gonna be bitchin’. You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open.”

Wow, an Oscar-winning filmmaker still has the enthusiasm of a 14 year old, despite the fact that he is 60. Further in the interview, Cameron clarified the next films would double the standard 24 fps.

“My thinking at the time was that 60 [FPS] might be a better segue to the video market. I’ll be plugging into a system that’s a little more mature, so it makes sense for me to do 48 frames at this point.”

There’s no word on whether or not he’ll distribute all three  films in the same frame rate.

The upcoming sequels, being shot back-to-back in New Zealand and planned for annual release from December 2016 through December 2018, will be a family saga in the vein of The Godfather.

Avatar 2 will be written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, along with Cameron; Avatar 3 will be written by Josh Friedman, along with Cameron; Avatar 4 will be written by Shane Salerno, along with James Cameron, of course.

Are you ready to shit your pants?