Teaser Poster for the BANANAMAN Movie


The Britain’s beloved superhero parody Bananaman is heading to the big screen in 2015, and the first teaser poster for the movie debuted at MCM London Expo last weekend.

An English comic book character made waves in the United States in the form of his animated shorts in the ’80s on the Nickelodeon cable network. Sadly, Bananaman was overshadowed by another British cartoon, Danger Mouse that ran alongside it.

However, a nerdy kid named Eric Wimp (who was rocketed to Earth as a baby and gained his superpowers due to the cresent moon being the shape of a banana) was getting his own feature film.

At the moment, little is known about the upcoming movie. There is no word yet on a director, a writer, or the cast, only that publishers DC Thomson are working in conjunction with Elstree Studio Productions on the project.

Updates as we have them. The teaser poster below confirms that it’s happening soon.


When Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs: Eric is Bananaman!