Ben Affleck Announces He Will Not Direct Batman Solo Movie

He'll Not Direct The Movie

Variety reports that Ben Affleck will not direct The Batman solo movie for Warner Bros. He will still star as the Dark Knight and will remain attached to the project as a producer.

“It has become clear that I cannot do both jobs to the level they require,” says the actor.

The issues first came up in November when the American Psycho screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis let slip that he’d heard some not-so-promising things about the screenplay for the movie.

One insider says that Ben Affleck’s most recent directorial effort, Live by Night, which was both a major critical and commercial flop, caused Affleck to rethink his approach to his future projects.

He’s still writing, producing and starring but I have a feeling the writing thing will be minimized and he will end up being like one of three writers on The Batman. He has been working on the script with DC Films co-chair Geoff Johns.

No release date had been set for the Batman solo film, which also is set to star Joe Manganiello as the infamous assassin Deathstroke, although it appears to have taken precedence over Justice League: Part Two, which recently lost its release date. Hopefully the studio is about to make their most exciting directing choice yet.