Ben Affleck Confirmed to Direct THE BATMAN Solo Film

Standalone Bat Flick

It appears that Ben Affleck will star in a stand-alone Batman movie to follow the Justice League film, and he’ll also direct the movie, as rumored back in June. (Let’s just add sarcastic: he’ll be also writing and singing the theme tune.)

According to Deadline, Affleck will team up with the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics, Geoff Johns, to write a screenplay, and may even turn it into Warner Bros. by the end of the summer, just before Affleck goes to direct Live by Night, the adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel that he also scripted.

The site speculates that other movies in the DC slate, which include Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot, The Flash starring Ezra Miller, and Shazam starring Dwayne Johnson, may move to get room for Affleck and Johns’ Bat flick.

Let me only say a few words here. Geoff Johns wrote the ‘Batman: Earth One’ graphic novels. Those volumes feel like good old fashioned graphic novels and the story is full of great Bat-Action, but do yourself a favor, purchase ‘Superman: Earth One,’ if you want. Besides, he’s the man behind the ‘Green Lantern’ run. It was successful from a sales standpoint, but the quality of the series lead to stagnant creative water and, even worse, to the horrible Green Lantern movie. Meh, I was hoping Chris Terrio would write the script.

The Warner Bros. panel will take place on Saturday, July 11 at 10:30am, so it’s possible that we’ll hear something on this news there. Stay tuned.

Source: Deadline