Billy Bob Thornton’s ‘Bad Santa 2’ Begins Filming in January

Billy Bob Thornton

Miramax and Broad Green Pictures will co-finance and co-produce Billy Bob Thornton‘s long-gestating Bad Santa sequel. Thornton will reprise his role as mall Santa/curmudgeonly conman Willie Soke.

Geyer Kosinski (“Fargo”) will produce Bad Santa 2, but no-one has been named director of the follow-up in Miramax and Broad Green’s press release. Principal photography begins in January in Montreal, with its eye still on Christmas 2016 as a potential release slot.

“Bad Santa has been a part of our family holiday tradition ever since we all saw it together at our neighborhood theatre,” Broad Green Pictures’ Gabriel Hammond and Daniel Hammond said in the release. Funny, I didn’t think of this movie as a traditional favorite for the whole family.

Bad Santa came out in 2003 and grossed a modest $60 million, on a $23 million budget, but has since become something of a cult favorite because it was the ultimate dump on the traditional Christmas movie.

The screenplay for Bad Santa 2 was reportedly written by Doug Ellin, Shauna Cross, John Phillips and Johnny Rosenthal. Perhaps with a much better script, this one will be the exception to the sequel rule.

Update: According to THR, Mean Girls and Mr. Popper’s Penguins helmer Mark Waters has come aboard to direct the sequel, while original Bad Santa cast members Tony Cox and Brett Kelly have closed deals to return alongside Billy Bob Thornton. Well, sure it should be fun to see this trio back together after 13 years. Santa f*ckin’ someone in the ass…