Blake Lively Defeats Time in First Trailer for THE AGE OF ADALINE

lionsgate fantasy romantic drama

Lionsgate has debuted first trailer for The Age of Adaline, the fantasy romantic drama starring Blake Lively, Ellen Burstyn and Harrison Ford.

Lively stars in the Lee Toland Krieger‘s (Celeste & Jesse Forever) upcoming film as the title character who suffers a near-fatal car accident in the 1930s that renders her immortal and then she has to watch her family grow old as she remains forever the same.

Age of Adaline was originally planned as a Katherine Heigl vehicle and is slated for an April 24, 2015 release. The movie co-stars Michiel Huisman, Kathy Baker and Amanda Crew. J. Mills Goodloe (The Best of Me) and newcomer Salvador Paskowitz wrote the script.

Watch Lively making her Blake Lively Face in a succession of cute coats. And Ford has the greatest bewildered face, too.

Lively sure pulls off all these different decade-looks, but I’d rather watch three great actresses to play a woman living through two world wars, the Great Depression, civil rights, and women’s liberation, respectively.

Following a near-fatal accident one icy night, a 29-year-old woman named Adaline (Lively) stops aging. With all of her contemporaries, friends and lovers dying off, Adaline becomes a beautiful recluse — afraid of getting hurt by more love and loss. She keeps her condition a secret throughout the 20th century until she meets a man (Huisman) who may change her life.