Bradley Cooper Rumored for INDIANA JONES Franchise


Rocket Raccoon’s voice in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy and unbalanced federal agent Richie DiMaso in Oscar-nominated American Hustle could possibly turn out to be a famed archeologist Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones.

Yep, Latino Review has a new rumor saying that Bradley Cooper is at the top of the Disney’s (owns the rights to Indiana Jones after acquiring LucasFilm in 2012) list to step into the dusty shoes of Harrison Ford and keep the franchise alive.

 Don’t think of it as a reboot but just recasting the same way the James Bond (Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig) movies have been doing for the better part of five decades.

And who just might be one of the actors that the studio is looking at ? The word is that they are looking at several but Bradley Cooper is at the top of the list,

a fairy-tale-ish rumor says.

But it’s just as important to remember that a recast is not necessary yet. The Crystal Skull flick presented Shia LaBeouf as Jones’ son, and having an adult child is enough to confirm that you’re no longer a spring. Moreover, Ford is still eager to reprise his most iconic role.

I fear we won’t be seeing progress on it anytime soon as Frank Darabont (The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones) has reportedly pitched an idea for the next movie, however, it’s far from finished.

The real question is who could direct it? I doubt Steven Spielberg would want to make another Indiana Jones, after the sour response to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and I also agree J.J. Abrams can’t direct every Walt Disney tentpole reboot.

As a great Spielberg once said “There is no Indy 5 until George (Lucas) says there is.”