BREAKING BAD Director Michelle MacLaren Top Choice for WONDER WOMAN [UPDATED]


Update: On November 24 THR reports that television director Michelle MacLaren has officially signed on to direct and develop Warner Bros.’ long-awaited DC Comics adaptation, slated to premiere on June 23, 2017, with Gal Gadot in the title role.

Breaking Bad director MacLaren–from the Forbes list that broke last month–emerged as the WB’ s top choice for the Wonder Woman directing job. A two-time Emmy winner found success with Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead episodes as well.

Variety and The Wrap first reported the news of the studio’s favorite to guide the story of Amazonian Princess Diana of Themyscira, and THR has added two more names to the mix: Jennifer Kent (The Babadook) and Lesli Linka Glatter (Homeland) for Wonder Woman and/or other DC projects at WB. THR also noted the studio “is not married to the idea of a female director”.

Well, it seems that Kathryn Bigelow schedule is too busy with upcoming adaption of the post 9/11 book, “The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas” to direct the DC Entertainment super heroine film that is already set for release on June 23rd, 2017. Marvel’s first female-lead super hero film Captain Marvel will arrive in 2018 though.

The Wonder Woman solo movie rumor is that half the film is set on Paradise Island and the other half in the twenties. Here are some more details (via Bleeding Cool):

I have been informed by those who have seen the greenlit treatment that the film will spends the first half on Paradise Island with warring Amazon factions vying for control.

An arrival of a man on the island changes that status quo, as he asks the Amazons for help. Not necessarily Steve Trevor either…

Because when Wonder Woman joins him on his return to the world of Man, we all discover that it is the 1920s. And the film will then show Diana exploring that world – a world where women have only just got the vote – from her… unique perspective.

Gal Gadot will, whomever directs, play the title role, which she’ll originate in 2016′s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Stay tuned.


Update: Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones director will work with as yet unnamed writer or writers to develop the script for a female-driven superhero film which would eventually become a new trilogy franchise with the first Wonder Woman  planned to take place in the 1920s,

revealing Themyscira’s first encounter with the outside world and Wonder Woman’s own experiences with a USA that still had a lot to learn about equal rights. Then, it is alleged, a sequel would take place in the 1940s and will be set against the backdrop of World War II. A third film, then, would finally bring Wonder Woman’s solo adventures to a contemporary setting.

Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder has been tapped to produce a prequel of sorts to BvS.

I dunno, MacLaren credentials are impeccable, but then again, a lot of great television people really have issues or just stylistic changes when jumping to the big screen. Best of luck to her. Let’s just hope she won’t depart the project “due to creative differences.”

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