Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Wants to Play an Original Marvel Villain

Marvel Cinematic Universe

“Breaking Bad’s” anti-hero Walter White would like to get his hands dirty in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“You know what I’d like to do? I’d like to do some big superhero villain in some Marvel classic,” Bryan Cranston told Metro.

“Create one from scratch… I don’t know what I would do but it would be nasty,” the actor added at the London Film Festival premiere of his new movie Trumbo.

It may never happen, but I think he would be good as the intergalactic meth dealer. All jokes aside, there are numerous roles that Cranston could tackle with so many Marvel movies in the works. The first character that comes to mind is Norman Osborne, of course. Unfortunately,  Cranston would rather make one up from scratch.

Honestly, it’s hard to believe that Marvel’s going to be creating villains from scratch. At least not main villains. Besides, Marvel villains aren’t very well done. Sound to me like he will waste either his time or his talent. What do you think?

Source: Metro