BREWSTER’S MILLIONS Remake in Development With Director Robert Townsend

Richard Pryor John Candy

A remake of Brewster’s Millions, one of the early 1980s most loveable comedies, is currently in development, with Robert Townsend (The Five Heartbearts) directing from a screenplay penned by Michael Williams Schmidt.With no stars currently attached to the project, Brewster’s Millions is based on the 1902 novel by George Barr McCutcheon, which was first adapted into a 1906 play that set the template for many of the adaptations that followed, most notably are the 1945 film version starring Dennis O’Keefe and Helen Walker, and a 1985 film with Walter Hill at the helm and Richard Pryor headlining opposite John Candy.

The basic premise for Townsend’s Brewster’s Millions will be the same: for a man to inherit a large fortune, he has to spend a slightly less large fortune inside a week.

Enough time has gone by for a new generation to enjoy it. I’m all for this, only if they don’t ruin this by putting someone like Kevin Hart in it….Chris Rock. Bet you a quid. I would be very opposed to a dark and gritty reboot but hey who knows.

Townsend most recently directed Bill Cosby’s 2013 standup comedy special, Far From Finished. The perfect man for the job.

Check out the clip for the Pryor/Candy version below:

Source: Deadline