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Stream Leonardo DiCaprio’s Documentary ‘Before the Flood’ for Free

Leonardo DiCaprio's Documentary

Guys if you are eager to watch Hollywood’s hypocritical take on the climate change situation, you can check out Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary Before the Flood on National Geographic’s YouTube channel for free.

Check Out Overwatch’s First Animated Short

Blizzard's Team-Based Shooter

Blizzard Watch debuted the first in a series of animated shorts that will roll out in the lead up to their upcoming team-based shooter Overwatch, featuring Winston, the cybernetics-laden gorilla hero who plays Hearthstone when he’s not busy saving the world.

Superhero Movies That Weren’t Made by Marvel or DC


I’m not one to make lists, but I like reading them. This one came from Imgur and is submitted by electricmastro who made his choice based around the topic.

I present this list of superhero movies to you as seen from my own point of view and following the same chronological order.

Movies to Watch This Easter Weekend


There are literally hundreds of Christmas moves out there, but how many of us have a list of films we enjoy every Easter?

If you’re not tackling the traffic for the Easter long weekend, you might have some time to kill.

Here’s Film Cutting’s list of best Easter movies in chronological order.

Great Ideas, Bad Movies


Let’s start random thoughts:

Any Stephen King book-to-movie (or telemovies) were a good concept, but very few made the grade. You probably liked The Green Mile, The Stand and both the theatrical and television versions of The Shining, but