Check Out a New Trailer for Shane Black’s ‘The Nice Guys’

Shane Black’s Buddy Comedy

Warner Bros. has released a new The Nice Guys movie trailer featuring more hijinks from the upcoming Shane Black’s buddy comedy.

Starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, this darkly comedic 1970s L.A. detective noir tale follows a mismatched duo caught in a mob-related conspiracy. Black co-wrote the original screenplay for the film with Anthony Bagarozzi.

Looks like a straight ripoff of 2005’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but I feel like Black can rip himself off in a totally wholesale fashion and still have the results be absolutely golden.

The Nice Guys opens on May 20, and also stars Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer, Margaret Qualley, Keith David and Kim Basinger. Watch the new trailer here:

Not usually a fan of Gosling, but this movie looks like so much damn fun. Besides, Kiss Kiss is one of my all time favorites.

Shane Black’s Buddy Comedy

“It is an R-rated film and it’s a caper,” Black recently told People Magazine. “It’s a little fast, a little funny and a little rough in places, kind of coarse. These guys are working-class dudes, they’re not really sophisticated private detectives, so it’s a chance to do the kind of thriller I don’t see too much of anymore.”