Check Out Overwatch’s First Animated Short

Blizzard's Team-Based Shooter

Blizzard Watch debuted the first in a series of animated shorts that will roll out in the lead up to their upcoming team-based shooter Overwatch, featuring Winston, the cybernetics-laden gorilla hero who plays Hearthstone when he’s not busy saving the world.

Overwatch launches on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24. The game’s not my cup of tea, but the short itself is quite good. Blizzard marketing apparently tend spend a lot of cash, creating visually stunning ad. Go watch it all below.

It’s kind of a reminiscent of Steam’s Team Fortress 2 shorts. How it is that the Blizzard folks have never gone into producing their own animated films or television series is beyond me. I hope Overwatch eventually gets licensed into an animated cartoon series.