Christian Bale Drops Out of ‘Enzo Ferrari’ Biopic

Actor Exits Ferrari Biopic

A report from Deadline is saying that Christian Bale has exited Michael Mann’s Enzo Ferrari movie over health concerns.

Bale began the weight gain process for the role he felt necessary, per report, but Mann’s production start-date was too fast for him to safely gain the amount of weight required to begin filming as scheduled.

Honestly it is really unhealthy to do what Bale has been doing to get into his roles–went skeletal for The Machinist, bulked up for Batman Begins, went skeletal again for Rescue Dawn, packed on muscle for the Dark Knight films, went skeletal again for The Fighter, and then gained 40 pounds for American Hustle.

Good for him for putting his health first. I’m sure his heart just loves him and probably his wife too. Still, I didn’t know Ferrari was that fat. Maybe the truth is that the paycheck didn’t weight enough. However, the hunt is on for a new A-list actor to take the lead role so that the springtime shoot can move forward. (Michael Shannon is always an excellent choice.)

Michael Mann’s Movie

Enzo Ferrari — set in 1957 — tells the personal, intimate story of a passionate man and his sprawling world, at times hilarious and at the next moment devastating, as he faces a brutal challenge to his survival.

The script was written by the Italian Job scribe Troy Kennedy-Martin, and revised by David Rayfiel and Mann. It’s based on Brock Yates’ 1991 book “Enzo Ferrari, The Man, The Cars, The Races.”

Source: Deadline