Christian Bale in Talks to Play Steve Jobs for Danny Boyle’s Biopic [UPDATED]


UPDATE: Speaking with Bloomberg, Aaron Sorkin has confirmed that Christian Bale will play Steve Jobs:

“We needed the best actor on the board in a certain age range and that’s Chris Bale,” he said. “It’s an extremely difficult part and he’s gonna crush it.”

Well, it seems that the first mentioned actor to play the late Apple Computer co-founder may be the one that comes away with the role, despite the fact that director David Fincher fell away from the film.

Christian Bale was the Gone Girl filmmaker’s first choice to play the late technology pioneer who only wears black,  as well as Batman (which role gained Bale mainstream popularity). And now, he’s reportedly in talks to star as Jobs in an upcoming biopic, scripted by Aaron Sorkin and to be directed by Danny Boyle.

According to THR, Sony and Boyle have gone back to Bale after talks stalled with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bale was near a deal to star in Fox’s The Deep Blue Good-By as his next project, but when Fox started trying to include sequel options in his contract, he balked. Now he intends to shoot the Apple movie before diving into Deep Blue Good-By as a standalone film.

The script, based on the Walter Isaacson book, focuses on three specific points in Jobs’ life, all oriented around high-profile product debuts and would not be his candy-coated portrait. The three presentations that will serve as backdrops in the picture will be the launch of the first Macintosh, the debut of Jobs’ first post-Apple product the NeXT, and the first-ever iPod reveal in 2001.

Sorkin says he chose the timeframe intentionally, with the classic “Think Different” ad serving as a potential end point for the film, which has been developing for a few years now.

I have no doubt that Bale’s more than capable to handle it, but do we need more Jobs biopics?

Update:  No word yet on U2′s involvement, but Bale will apparently star in Sorkin’s upcoming Jobpic. I usually like his stuff but i will skip this one.

Watch Sorkin interview below: