David Fincher Only Wants Christian Bale to Play Steve Jobs


UPDATE: Check below “Photoshop job of Bale in the iconic Jobian pose.”

David Fincher (Gone Girl) will only direct the untitled Steve Jobs biopic that Aaron Sorkin has written for Sony if the American Hustle actor Christian Bale plays the Apple CEO.

The Social Network team would presumably be a good fit for another story about the late technology icon, but the project is wholly dependent on Ben Affleck predecessor’s potential involvement. Sony declined to comment on the record.

Based on Walter Isaacson‘s best-selling biography, the film reportedly centers on three key keynote addresses in Steve Jobs’ life (“the screenplay has an interesting hook in that it’s only three, 30-minute scenes”) and is slated to start production in early 2015. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will serve as a consultant on the film.

Bale recently finished up his work on Ridley Scott’s Biblical epic Exodus, while Fincher will be doing publicity for Gone Girl, which opens in October.

I actually think Bale would be a very good choice since he’s no stranger to biopics having previously appeared in films like The Fighter, Rescue Dawn, I’m Not There, among the others.

How about you?

Check this fan made poster (created by Ste Smith) that shows us what Bale might look like in the role.