Christopher Nolan May Be Working on ‘Akira’ Trilogy at WB

Live-Action Adaptation

Genre media site Den of Geek was the first to report on the breaking news that Christopher Nolan might be involved with a live-action Akira trilogy for Warner Bros.

This has yet to be confirmed by official channels, of course, but comes hot on the heels of a report earlier in the month that the Dark Knight director had a mystery Warner Bros. movie scheduled for 2017.

The big-screen adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic sci-fi anime/manga was in the works at the studio since 2002, with Ruairi Robinson and Albert Hughes among the directors involved. Most recently Warner Bros. and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way have tried with Non-Stop director Jaume Collet-Serra to make the movie, but the only major development was that Netflix’s “Daredevil” screenwriter Marco J. Ramirez was tapped to pen the new script.

Official-PosterSo basically what we just learned is that WB reportedly wants to make Akira as a set of three films and that Christopher Nolan has met with a previously attached filmmaker whom the site cannot name at this time, within the past three months to talk about the project.

A Nolan directed Akira movie, that would be insane. Anime fans would watch the sh*t out of this. We just have to see what happens. Nolan produces, that’s okay too.

On the other hand, it could be that Nolan’s involved as a producer rather than director, as he was on Man of Steel. While we’re treating what we’ve been told as a rumor for now, it’s undeniably a fascinating one. With Nolan’s mystery film less than two years away.