THE DARK KNIGHT’s David Dastmalchian Joins the Cast of ANT-MAN


The Dark Knight and Prisoners actor David Dastmalchian has signed on to Marvel’s Ant-Man, in an unspecified role.

Dastmalchian will mostly be remembered by fans of Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight, in which he played a brief but memorable role of one of the Jokers lackies.

Back in June, Peyton Reed replaced departed filmmaker Edgar Wright, which means that either his vision of the movie matches that of Marvel Studios, or the director is prepared for Marvel Studios to take executive control of the project. Wright had been attached to the project since 2006.

Paul Rudd, who plays the superhero Scott Lang, recently warned fans on “The Colbert Report” they shouldn’t expect to see super buff superhero and villains in Ant-Man:

“I’ve had to kind of try and get in better shape. I don’t get too jacked. It doesn’t make sense for someone trying to be an ant.”

Here’s a brief reminder of details about the movie:

– The story begins with Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) as a thief and a single father who is struggling financially. He breaks into Hank Pym’s (Michael Douglas) apartment and steals the Ant-Man suit.

– The main villain’s name is Darren Cross, who in the comics runs Cross Technological Enterprises, a rival of Stark Industries and Oscorp. His cousin is the villain Crossfire. It is unclear at this time if Patrick Wilson or Corey Stoll would play this role. The character will have a suit similar to Ant-Man’s but it will have a more military look with a yellow and black color scheme and tendrils coming off the back.

– The Ant-Man suit will be much more elaborate than what fans have seen thus far. The helmet will open and close like Iron Man’s and red lights will decorate the suit. The helmet’s eyes will glow red when closed, and the suit overall is more complex and futuristic than what we have seen to this point.

– It was rumored that Yellowjacket will be the main baddie of the film.

– Ant-Man will actually use ants as his superpower in the movie. Scott Lang will communicate with them through his helmet (just like in the comics), which is supposedly a special component of the film’s story.

In addition to Dastmalchian, Rudd and Douglas, Ant-Man stars Patrick Wilson, Corey Stoll, and Matt Gerald. Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña, and Clifton Collins Jr. are reportedly in talks to join the film, which is still scheduled for a July 2015 release.