David Leitch in Talks to Remake Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter the Dragon’

Bruce Lee's Martial Arts Classic

According to a report from Deadline, David Leitch, director of Deadpool 2, is in early talks to direct a remake of Bruce Lee’s martial arts classic Enter the Dragon at Warner Bros as his follow-up to the upcoming Fast and Furious spin-off.

The original Enter the Dragon, which was Lee’s final film before his death, followed a Shaolin martial artist who is pressed by a British intelligence agent to enter a karate tournament on the island owned by the crime lord Han, who is suspected for using the tournament for drug trafficking and prostitution.

A writer for the project will be the next step, but Warner Bros definitely have time because Leitch will likely not be able to focus on remake of Dragon until the latter half of 2019.

Check out the original trailer for the film:

Bruce Lee's Martial Arts Classic