DEADPOOL Writer/Producer Launches Twitter Campaign


Yeah, this may be the longest viral campaign: following the new popularity of the leaked two minutes of Deadpool test footage starring Ryan Reynolds, the long-gestating film’s writer/producer Rhett Reese wants you to vote for a Deadpool movie!

Reese is conducting a twitter campaign to urge Fox to get on this beloved project by encouraging his followers to “break the Internet” by retweeting his initial Tweet (below).

Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland) co-penned a script for the film in 2010, but production stalled. The film’s humor was more twisted than  you expected to see  in a usual comic-book movie.

There’s lots of meta-humor, including jokes about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie where Reynolds played a poor excuse for Deadpool.

Yes, it’s an R-rated movie, but it’s also got a sensibility that’s going to appeal to 14-year-old boys. Anyway, Reese wants this movie made at least as much as you do.

So, watch again the Deadpool test footage and get retweeting!