‘Dean’ Trailer: Demetri Martin’s Directorial Debut

Demetri Martin's Directorial Debut

CBS Films has released the first trailer for Demetri Martin‘s comedic drama Dean, the winner of Tribeca Film Festival’s Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature last year.

Familiar as a stand-up performer, Martin performs triple threat duties in his sweet directorial debut, with writing, directing, and starring credits. He plays a young professional illustrator coping with the recent death of his mother as he attempts to launch a career and re-connect with his father.

The full cast includes Kevin Kline, Gillian Jacobs, Reid Scott, Meryl Hathaway, and Mary Steenburgen. Check out the trailer below.

Demetri Martin's Directorial Debut

Writer/Director/Comedian Demetri Martin stars alongside Academy Award® winner Kevin Kline in this comedic and heartfelt tale about a father and son coming to terms with love, loss and everything in between. Dean (Martin) is an illustrator whose unwillingness to deal with the recent death of his mother means escaping his hometown of New York for an interview with an ad agency in Los Angeles. His retired engineer dad Robert (Kline) takes a more regimented approach to grief, including putting the family home up for sale. Both father and son set out on their own paths to find a new normal as unexpected circumstances and potential new love interests threaten to thwart all plans.

Dean opens on June 2nd.

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