Edgar Wright May Move to KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER Reboot


We learned director Edgar Wright left Marvel’s Ant-Man production due to creative differences and script changes. Today, Wright is reportedly circling back to the Mouse House for Kolchak: The Night Stalker project that over two years ago had Johnny Depp attached to lead.

A feature adaptation is based on the 70’s horror comedy ABC telepic, which spawned a TV series and followed the late Darren McGavin as tabloid reporter Carl Kolchak who hunted a killer who was draining blood of girls on the Las Vegas strip.

The script from D.V. DiVicentis (High Fidelity) is in good shape and the pic will specifically be developed as a PG-13 film “tailored to fit Disney’s family film mandate.”

Depp is currently filming in Black Mass, and there’s a fifth installment of the infamous Pirates of Caribbean in development, but it would make sense for Wright considering he seems a little down in the dumps when it comes to the Ant-Man news.

He posted this “selfie” on Twitter recently only to delete it shortly thereafter — a photo of legendary silent film star Buster Keaton holding a Cornetto ice cream bar.

Sadly, there’s no deleting something from the Internet.