Eight-Part TV Miniseries to Precede THE STAND Movie

Stephen King

Last fall, Josh Boone, director of The Fault in Our Stars revealed that his adaptation of Stephen King’s massive 1978 novel The Stand would be four features.

The Wrap‘s Jeff Sneider broke the news that Warner Bros.’ The Stand will finally consist of a single R-rated feature film, but it will now be preceded by an eight-part Showtime miniseries event (an idea similar to one that was once floated for another Stephen King adaptation, The Dark Tower, but that never happened).

The series would also be written and directed by Josh Boone and it will allow him a greater exploration of King’s expansive book, while offering plenty of chances for A-list stars (“True Detective” style) to join the project. Matthew McConaughey could be one of them (for the key villain role of Randall Flagg).

The miniseries have been earmarked for an early 2016 shoot.

Yeah, this seems like it could definitely work. I just wonder do audiences want to invest in an eight-part miniseries that has no ending?