ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK Reboot Going Forward with John Carpenter Producing

John Carpenter's Cult-Classic

According to Deadline, Fox has landed the rights to remake the 1981 John Carpenter‘s cult-classic Escape from New York.

The last time we’d heard from multiple sources, Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim), Jon Bernthal (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Dan Stevens (The Guest) were the front runners to take over for Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, though that were all wishful thinking from fans apparently. At this point, no actor is mentioned as being attached to the role, nor is Joel Silver mentioned in any capacity, even though he envisioned a potential new trilogy less than a year ago.

The studio will apparently start from scratch, ditching the previous script drafts and hiring their own screenwriters and director. Meanwhile, Carpenter will return to this new project as an executive producer, and will will provide creative input, which should make fans rest a little easier.

The original Escape from New York is a masterpiece of dystopian future films. Check out the trailer below.

Just make one more Kurt…

In the original film Snake is put on a forced suicide mission to retrieve the President who get’s lost in Manhattan which is now city-sized prison colony which is led by murderous gang leader named The Duke.