‘Euphoria’: Alicia Vikander and Eva Green in New Trailer

Lisa Langseth's Drama

SF Studios has released a new international trailer for Swedish director Lisa Langseth’s English-language debut, Euphoria, with Alicia Vikander producing as well as starring opposite Eva Green.

The upcoming drama follows Vikander and Green’s estranged sisters on a mysterious trip through the European countryside in the hopes they can make peace.

The cast also includes the inimitable Charlotte Rampling as well as Charles Dance, Mark Stanley, and Adrian Lester.

Check out the first full trailer below.

Lisa Langseth's Drama

Euphoria opens in Sweden and Norway in early February 2018, but doesn’t have a US release date as of yet.

Lisa Langseth's Drama

Most of this lusciously shot film takes place in a sun-dappled country mansion. It’s an intimate setting that belies the broader implications of a powerful, unusual, topical, and surely prophetic story. At its centre: two very different sisters, somewhat estranged, who, over a few short days, are forced together to sift through seismic changes in their lives. Ines (Vikander) is the extrovert, a photographer who lives in New York; Emilie (Eva Green), the introvert, has asked her sister to join her on a mystery trip. As the two drive into the wooded European countryside and reach their destination, it gradually dawns on Ines why she has been asked to accompany her sister. Horrified at first, she fights to understand her sister’s intentions as the two women confront their unsettled past and, more importantly, their future.