First Look at Bryan Cranston in Jay Roach’s TRUMBO Biopic


Back in September 2013, the Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston was set to play blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo in Jay Roach’s dramedy biopic, Trumbo.

Finally, the first image has been posted online, giving us a first look at Cranston’s portrayal of the successful Hollywood scribe.

Trumbo was an accomplished novelist (his anti-war novel “Johnny Got His Gun” is probably still his most famous book) and screenwriter who had been a member of the US Communist party during WWII. At that point, Communism wasn’t a big deal because we were friends with the Soviets. And people did what young people do: experimented with affiliations as we entered a new phase of our national culture.

But when anti-Communist fervor ignited in the late ’40s, Dalton Trumbo was one of a number of Hollywood figures called to testify in front of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC). Great pressure was exerted on those brought before HUAC to name other Communists and sympathizers. Turbo refused, and he was jailed and also blacklisted from working in Hollywood. He wrote a couple scripts under pseudonyms, (winning Oscars for Roman Holiday and The Brave One) before Kirk Douglas helped break the blacklist in 1960 when he championed Trumbo as author of Spartacus. (via /Film)


EW is the source of the image.

Roach’s film chronicles Trumbo’s fight against the blacklist and battles with powerful red-hating gossip columnist Hedda Hopper who will be played by Helen Mirren.

Production recently wrapped in New Orleans, with Diane Lane as Trumbo’s wife, Cleo; Elle Fanning as their daughter Nikola, and John Goodman, Michael Stuhlbarg, David James Elliott, Peter Mackenzie, Dean O’Gorman, Louis C.K., and Alan Tudyk. The film is set for release sometime in 2015.

Interesting movie for Roach and Cranston. I agree it should be good. Meanwhile, check out the 1959 Bill Stout Interview, about how Hollywood dared to hire a communist.