First Look at Emma Watson in Chile-Set Drama COLONIA


Florian Gallenberger’s latest film, the Chile-set political drama Colonia, with Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl in the lead roles has successfully wrapped shooting in Luxembourg.

Now there’s a first look at the film, with the newly-announced Mikael Nyqvist ( Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol) as the nasty cult leader Paul Schäfer along with Emma Watson as a young woman named Lena whose husband Daniel (Bruhl) is abducted by Pinochet’s secret police during the 1973 Chilean military coup d’etat. Lena must join a dangerous cult in the sealed-off Colonia  area in order to rescue him.

The cast also includes Richenda Carey (Separate Lies), Vicky Krieps (A Most Wanted Man), August Zirner (The Counterfeiters), Martin Wuttke (Cloud Atlas) and Johannes Allmayer (Jesus Loves Me).

The thriller is inspired by true events and sees Lena and Daniel fall during the military coup in the clutches of the secret police. Daniel is abducted and Lena finds out that he is being held in a the infamous German-model village — a place from which no one has ever escaped — run by lay preacher Paul Schäfer. Colonia Dignidad was one of the primary torture camps for Chile’s US-supported dictator, Augusto Pinochet.

The period pic is helmed by Gallenberger (John Rabe) from the script penned by Gallenberger and Torsten Wenzel.

Filming will continue in Munich, Berlin and South America until the end of December. Colonia is due for release in October 2015.