First Look: Natalie Portman as the Former First Lady in ‘Jackie’

Pablo Larraín's Biopic

Deadline has revealed the first photo of Academy Award winner Natalie Portman as the renowned First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in Jackie, the new film from Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín.

The biopic, written by Noah Oppenheim and produced by Darren Aronofsky, follows Jackie in the days after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.She was caught up in the wrangling between the Kennedy camp and Lyndon Johnson’s crew who are eager to obtain leadership, and move into the White House as soon as possible.

Set for release sometime in 2017, other cast members include Peter Sarsgaard (as Robert Kennedy), Greta Gerwig and John Hurt. The movie is now shooting in Paris. Here’s the first photo from the film, showing Portman in wardrobe as Jackie in a nice living room.

Pablo Larraín's Biopic

I care way more about the acting job than I do about the visuals – Ashton Kutcher looks much more like Steve Jobs than Michael Fassbender, but the latter did a much better job portraying him in a movie. Curious as to whether Portman can pull it off.

Larraín has a Golden Globe nomination for The Club this year and he’s also tipped to be shortlisted for the Foreign Language Oscar. Jackie is his first English-language feature so I think it’s worthy of your attention. Check out the official US trailer for his Silver Bear-winning and Golden Globe-nominated The Club.

Pablo Larraín's Film