First Trailer for Chris Evans’ Directorial Debut BEFORE WE GO

Alice Eve & Chris Evans

Radius-TWC has released a trailer for Chris Evans‘ feature directorial debut, Before We Go, a romantic dramedy co-starring himself and Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into Darkness).

The film premiered at Toronto last year to mixed reviews. Before We Go will be on VOD beginning tomorrow, July 21st and will be in select theaters September 4th.

Here’s the first official trailer, originally debuted by Yahoo.

Looks watchable. Nice to see Evans outside of the superhero outfits. Check out this nice poster art too.

Alice Eve & Chris Evans

Flustered and fearful after a brush with a mugger, Brooke (Alice Eve) races through Manhattan’s Grand Central Station, desperate to catch the night’s last Boston-bound train. She fails to make it in time, and inadvertently succeeds in catching the eye of Nick (Evans), a busker, who is immediately enthralled. Their chance encounter leads to an intimate odyssey through nocturnal New York, and as Brooke’s initial wariness gives way, she and Nick prove keenly attuned to one another’s personal struggles. But while their connection is undeniable, a major complication looms: another train will be along in the morning, and Brooke has a husband awaiting her return.