First Trailer for GOD HELP THE GIRL

Here’s the first  trailer for the directorial debut of Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch who also wrote the screenplay and songs for the film aptly called a “pop musical.”

The project began as a set of pop songs that came to Murdoch almost fully formed. The frontman for Scottish indie group said:

“I realized that the songs were coming from a certain character, so really the film idea sprang out of the music very quickly, way back in 2004.”

The film had its award-winning premiere at Sundance 2014 this January, starring Emily Browning (Sucker Punch), Hannah Murray (Game of Thrones), and Olly Alexander.

It will see wide release in the UK on August 22nd and North American theaters and on demand on September 5.

The film follows the initially hospital-bound Eve (Browning), who takes on songwriting to help her woes, collaborating with musicians James (Alexander) and Cassie (Murray).

Check out a teaser trailer for God Help the Girl that sounds similar to both Jacques Demy and Bill Forsyth (Local Hero) work.

There’s just too much saccharine in the spoon for my taste, but Emily is quite gorgeous.


Eve (Emily Browning) is a catastrophe—low on self-esteem but high on fantasy, especially when it comes to music. Over the course of one Glasgow summer, she meets two similarly rootless souls: posh Cass (Hannah Murray) and fastidious James (Olly Alexander), and together they decide there’s only one thing to do: form a pop group.