First Trailer for Indie Dramedy REACH ME Starring Sylvester Stallone


The first trailer for the indie dramedy Reach Me has been released, starring The Expendables 3 stars Sylvester Stallone and Kelsey Grammer among the others.

An uplifting ensemble comedy/drama that was long in the works and was crowd-funded for finishing funds, follows ‘a dozen broken characters who get a second chance in life.’

Yeah, it’s weird seen Stallone not kicking butts, but obviously, he wasn’t fully discouraged from serious roles.

Seventeen years after James Mangold’s Copland, Sly reteams with his old buddy John Herzfeld (they were roommates in college) for upcoming flick Reach Me, which has an impressive cast consisting of Lauren Cohan, Terry Crews, rapper Nelly, Kevin Connoly, Tom Sizemore, Ryan Kwanten, Kyra Sedgwick, Danny Trejo, Oscar nominee Tom Berenger, and winner Danny Aiello.

There are multiple intertwining Los Angeles stories all related to a self-help book called “Reach Me” and its reclusive football coach turned author (Berenger). I’m not sure about all of who plays what, but characters include a trigger-happy cop (Jane), his priest (Aiello), some mobsters, a woman just released from prison and a tabloid journalist. The last of these roles seems, from one of the campaign videos, to be played by Connolly. Stallone looks like he plays his boss, maybe a wealthy publisher. Nelly plays someone called E-Ruption, so he’s probably a rapper. Grammar can be seen kicking ass below, which isn’t what you’d call typecasting. The whole thing does feel very ’90s, but it could still be a decent movie.

The movie will be released in select cities and on demand October 24.

Check out the trailer that makes it feel like a B-movie and not an Oscar winner.