First Trailer for Sex Thriller ZIPPER

Starring Patrick Wilson

Alchemy has released the first official trailer for the sex thriller Zipper, which follows a politician on the rise who ends up losing everything due to a “zipper problem.”

Starring Patrick Wilson, the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and will hit VOD and limited release on August 28th.

Lena Headey, Dianna Agron, Ray Winstone, John Cho and Richard Dreyfuss co-star in Mora Wilson‘s (Conventioneers) political thriller Zipper.

Watch the new trailer below.

Wilson looks perfect for this role.

Starring Patrick Wilson

Sam Ellis is a man on the rise — a hotshot federal prosecutor on the cusp of a bright political future. But what was meant to be a one-time experience with a high-end escort instead turns into a growing addiction. His moral compass unraveling, his new demon threatens to destroy his life, family and career.