First Trailer for Stephen Daldry’s TRASH Starring Rooney Mara


Following in the footsteps of Danny Boyle, Stephen Daldry’s professional interests range from Olympics opening ceremony to children from the Third World struggling every day just to survive. Another similarity between two Olympic ceremony bosses is that they often turn in award-worthy pictures.

Daldry’s latest drama, Trash is a good example on the above mentioned. The film stars Rooney Mara, Martin Sheen and Wagner Moura, and the first trailer has dropped mostly in Portuguese with no English subtitles.

Based on the book by Andy Mulligan, with a script from Richard Curtis (About Time), the first footage from Daldry’s feature suggests we’re likely to hear it announced as part of one of the upcoming fall film festivals.

TRASH follows three street kids — played by newcomers Rickson Tevez as Raphael, Eduardo Luis as Gardo and Gabriel Weinstein as Rato — who make a living by picking a mostly human waste-filled garbage dump on the outskirts of a large city. One day, Raphael finds a small leather bag, the contents of which are so important that the city police offer a reward for its return. Instead, the boys decide to keep their new discovery, forcing them into an scenario in which they face corrupt and dangerous people of power. The film also stars Mara as an NGO worker named Olivia and Sheen as Father Juilliard, a priest who takes care of the children.

A possible Oscar contender  will be released in the UK on October 31st, but no U.S. date has been set yet.

Take a look at this Slumdog Millionaire meets City Of God movie, which filming took place Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2013. Seems like Mara and Sheen are supporting characters.