First Trailer for ‘The Bachelors’ Starring J.K. Simmons

The Father-Son Dramedy

Freestyle Media has released the first trailer for The Bachelors, the bittersweet father-son dramedy directed by Kurt Voelker and starring J. K. Simmons, Julie Delpy, Josh Wiggins, Odeya Rush, Jae Head, and Tom Amandes.

The movie is “a powerful tale about what happens to people after losing someone and how environments can influence the outcome.”

The Bachelors first premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and will open in select theaters and on VOD starting October 20th. You can see the first trailer below.

The Father-Son Dramedy

“After the death of his wife, Bill (J.K. Simmons) and his 17-year-old son, Wes (Josh Wiggins), move from a small town to a big city for a fresh start. As they begin to adjust to life in the city and seek ways to heal their wounds, they both find comfort in newfound romances (Julie Delpy and Odeya Rush). Although circumstances contribute to Bill and Wes growing apart, they come back together and rediscover their true selves in the process.”