First Trailer for the Non-Disney Live-Action ‘The Little Mermaid’

Non-Disney Live-Action

The first trailer for a new live-action adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Little Mermaid is out, produced by Conglomerate Media and Kingsway Productions rather than Disney.

Set in 1837, this version follows a young girl (played by newcomer Loreto Peralta) and her reporter brother (William Moseley) who travel to a small Mississippi town to meet a woman believed to be a mermaid of legend (Poppy Drayton).

Also starring Shirley MacLaine, Gina Gershon, and Armando Gutierrez, the film is directed by Blake Harris and Chris Bouchard and the script was written by Harris. The production underwent a lot of turnover — Sofia Coppola was attached to direct, and Chloe Moretz planned to star.

The Little Mermaid arrives in theaters later in 2017. You can check out the trailer below.

Non-Disney Live-Action

The woman in question is a circus performer known as the “Mermaid of Mississippi.” This being titled what it is feels irksomely disingenuous, and plagiarized. Plus, the production quality looks about on par with a direct-to-video release from a decade ago.

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