Full-Length Trailer for Small-Town Thriller ‘Uncle John’

The small town mystery-thriller Uncle John debuted at SXSW and now arrives in select theaters and on VOD September 18th.

The film starring “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Gone Baby Gone” actor John Ashton has the approval from both David Lynch and David Gordon Green, and earned strong notices at SXSW.

This hide-and-seek thriller is directed by newcomer Steven Piet from a screenplay by Piet and Erik Crary, and also stars Ronnie Gene Blevins, Alex Moffat, and Jenna Lyng.

Check out the effective new trailer as well as the striking new poster below:

I want to know the song name?

2015 SXSW Thriller

Dutch, a small town bully turned born again Christian, has gone missing. John, a loved and well-respected member of the community, is not a suspect, but has everything to do with it. Rumors and theories about Dutch’s fate are main topics of discussion all around town. Dutch’s younger brother, Danny, who shares the family’s bad reputation, has his own theory about the mystery and it centers on John. Meanwhile, John’s nephew, Ben, leads a life replete with snarky jokes and gourmet coffee as a hip Chicago motion graphics designer. His confused and budding relationship with his coworker, Kate, eventually leads them on an impromptu adventure north to see the town he grew up in. They arrive just as John struggles to navigate the increasing threats and pressure from Danny’s suspicions.