Gaspar Noé’s Controversial Drama ‘Love’ Gets U.S. Trailer

Gaspar Noé’s Film

Gaspar Noé’s 3D, X-rated love story Love premiered at Cannes earlier this year to a divisive response and now the first U.S. trailer for Argentinian auteur’s exploration of love and sexuality has arrived, starring Karl Glusman, Aomi Muyock and Klara Kristin.

A slightly pornographic story tracks the relationship between three individuals and marks director’s most narratively ambitious film since 2009’s Enter the Void, which stirred some controversy of its own.

This semi-autobiographical movie hits select theaters October 30th, with additional markets and an online release November 6th. Check out the first Love trailer below (via Vice).

I must say I do agree with Orson Welles that actual sex onscreens is anti-film and wrong. Anyone sharing the same opinion?

Gaspar Noé’s Film

Love made its controversial World Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. Shot in stereoscopic 3D, Love is Noé’s semi-autobiographic, heavily graphic, and most narratively ambitious film since his 2009 tour de force Enter the Void.

The film follows Murphy, who wakes in his apartment one New Year’s Day to a frantic call from his ex-girlfriend’s mother. His ex, Electra, has been missing for months and her mother fears the worst. Over the course of a long, rainy day, Murphy finds himself alone in his apartment, reminiscing about the greatest love affair of his life—the two years he spent with Electra.