‘Ghostbusters’ Animated Movie in the Works at Sony?

Animated Movie At Sony

The next step in Sony’s expanded Ghostbusters universe might be an animated movie, which will arrive after Paul Feig‘s female-driven Ghostbusters reboot due out next summer. The second live-action project is reportedly also in the works with Joe and Anthony Russo. (I though the Channing Tatum Ghostbusters flick wasn’t happening?)

More sources confirm that the studio has begun developing an animated movie with Ivan Reitman producing through his Montecito Picture Company. The film will follow the same basic premise as the earlier show, revolving around a group of scientists who “team up to fight off ghosts, using gadgets and gizmos to capture the menacing ghouls,” but there’s a chance the story will be “told from a ghost’s point of view.”

In case you forgot, the animated series “The Real Ghostbusters” ran from 1986 to 1991, plus “Extreme Ghostbusters” aired in 1997 so it won’t be the first time that the Ghostbusters will be animated.

I don’t understand why Sony is pushing Ghostbusters so hard. Maybe they should just stick to Playstations. Lol.

Via: The Wrap/The Tracking Board