GODZILLA: New Clips & Behind-The-Scenes Footage


Director Gareth Edwards continuously teases the audience over and over again, in a kinda “cinematic foreplay,” this time with five new clips from the movie arriving to grow longer your hair on the back of your neck rather than grow longer something else.

Five brand new clips and over ten minutes of behind-the-scenes footage revealing how the film was put together.

The new take on the classic Godzilla franchise is set to kick off on May 16th in the US.

The non-monster movie moments will be headed by a cast that includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson as US Navy Lieutenant Ford Brody, Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ichiro Serizawa, Elizabeth Olsen as Elle Brody, Juliette Binoche as Sandra “Sandy” Brody, Sally Hawkins as Dr. Vivienne Graham, David Strathairn as US Navy Admiral Stenz, and Bryan Cranston as Joseph “Joe” Brody.

Check them all out after the jump.