GODZILLA Sequel in Development


Warner Bros. revealed that a Godzilla sequel is already in the works, after scoring nearly $200 million this weekend at the global box office.

Following a highly successful opening box office, Warner Bros. and Legendary have confirmed that the King of Monster is not dead and “will rise from his slumber to wreak havoc.”

The new cinematic reboot of the Kaiju movie icon will certainly not struggle like Pacific Rim, so Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are moving forward with a sequel, although there are currently no details about the plot.

Director Gareth Edwards has already said, he’d share the same restraint as he did with the first, but I’d be fine if they changed up the cast, while keeping supporting actors like Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins, and David Strathairn.

However, the way the latest movie handled Godzilla allows him to return to stop anything from a giant moth to an alien invasion and Ghidorah.

All hail the King of monsters! The question now is when “we’ll see Godzilla” again?
Personally, I would like to see the monster in the next Godzilla movie as this flick had five minutes of Godzilla footage.