GRAVITY “Alternative Take” with Superman


We know that we are a little bit late on April Fools’ Day, but I think it’s worth mentioning fun little viral video featuring an alternate take from a scene in Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar-winning Gravity.

See the mind-blowing alternate opening that’s been leaked onto the web, showcasing some very shocking hints to its story. Isn’t that how it always goes, especially when Supes comes out of nowhere to help Ryan Stone.

The best part isn’t even the rescue. It’s the twisted explanation of how Superman got involved in the Explorer‘s mess in the first place. Dick move, dude. Notice that he doesn’t even bother to ‘fess up when he finally gets ahold of Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock). Or at least we don’t think he does. We can’t understand anything he says, because as the movie points out, there’s no sound in space.