Great Ideas, Bad Movies


Let’s start random thoughts:

Any Stephen King book-to-movie (or telemovies) were a good concept, but very few made the grade. You probably liked The Green Mile, The Stand and both the theatrical and television versions of The Shining, but others just bored you after a time like The Tommyknockers, Thinner, It.

Most of the movies that are derived from Michael Crichton‘s novels always stray from it so badly that it ends of ruining the movie or put me off about the movie. Such is the case with The Carey Treatment, Rising Sun, The Lost World: Jurassic ParkJurassic Park is the exception that proves the rule.

How about Harry Potter? I love the books, but the movies …

Street Fighter…It was a brilliant idea to make one, but it hits that ultimate b-movie sweet spot.

Unbreakable was a great idea for a superhero thriller film. How M. Night Shyamalan managed to make such a boring movie with Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson I just don’t know.

The One movie with Jet Li, and there’s parallel dimensions and the stuff of sci-fi, I thought it’d be fun, and we get a good dose of this evil Jet Li. But less fortunately, we also get the bland and boring Jet Li.

The Star Wars Trilogy Special Editions is also a good idea to take the classic trilogy and spruce them up with today’s technology. The result – add in what was impossible to add in when they were originally created.

Sci-fi comedy Evolution – here we have Ivan Reitman who is the genius behind Ghostbusters and we have a pretty stellar cast that includes Julianne Moore, David Duchovony, Sean William Scott and Orlando Jones. However, the final product left us unfulfilled.

Oh and Daredevil! Such a great idea: a blind superhero with superhuman senses; how much cooler can it get? Ben Affleck as a superhero? How much worse can it get?

Sci-fi fantasy film Masters of the Universe, they could have made that into a great film but it was really bad.

Good idea: Getting Chris Pine as the face of your franchise. The man who rebooted James T. Kirk is set to star in MGM’s remake of RoboCop.
Bad idea: Remaking RoboCop. The original is a classic, the sequels were rubbish, and this has a whiff of Terminator Salvation about it so no thanks.

Good idea: Making a movie. We like movies.
Bad idea: Making a movie with Vin Diesel, especially when the script is from unknown writers Oliver Butcher and Stephen Cornwell. Unknown had a terrible story, and Fast and the Furious Five aside recent Vin Diesel films have been dreadful.

On the other side, the Superman and Batman movie is only a bad idea.

To be continued …