Harmony Korine Making Gangster Movie with Robert Pattinson

I know that ladies reading this just stopped and started staring at the photo, but there’s also a long list of compelling indie projects in the Robert Pattinson’s pipeline.

Evidence suggests there’s a film with James Gray (The Immigrant) based on David Grann’s novel “The Lost City of Z,” as well as a couple of films that are actually being penned for him: Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers) is writing him a gangster movie, set in Miami, and Brady Corbet – one of the killers in Michael Haneke’s blood-chilling Funny Games – is writing a screenplay called Childhood of a Leader.

“It’s about the youth of a future dictator in the Thirties,” Corbet says about his feature directorial debut. “Like an amalgamation of Hitler, Mussolini and some others. I don’t want to jinx it, but Brady is like a savant of film. I’ve known him for like eight years, and he’s only 25 now.”

But okay, let’s focus on a Miami-set gangster movie which Korine’s writing for the 28-year-old British actor. A Southern Gothic crime family picture sounds intriguing. Korine announced it in early 2013 and it’s very likely the same project.

Only time will tell if he’ll be as successful in tailoring a role to Pattinson as he was with James Franco’s character Alien in Spring Breakers.

As for Pattinson, he doesn’t shy away from projects that could be dangerous, or directors who have a colorful past. There’s no doubt he’s clearly in charge of his career which also attracts women anywhere in the world.

The actor  can currently be seen in The Rover.