INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 Adds NYMPHOMANIAC Star Charlotte Gainsbourg

Independence Day 2

Heat Vision has the story. Nymphomaniac leading lady Charlotte Gainsbourg will be getting into blockbuster mode for Independence Day 2, a Ronald Emmerich’s sci-fi sequel which will star Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum and Jessie Usher.

I knew right when I saw the actress what the comments on other blogs would be. Haha really good stuff. I have nothing else to say.

Her role has not been revealed yet, but she would make a good companion for Goldblum’s computer genius David Levinson. Bill Pullman is expected to reprise his President Thomas role, and hopefully they’ll get Mae Whitman back as his daughter and James Duval as Randy Quaid‘s onscreen son. Usher will reportedly play Will Smith’s son or step-son. It is believed that Hemsworth will be playing the nephew of Pullman‘s president character. Smith won’t be back in the saddle for this one.

Independence Day 2 opens June 24, 2016, almost 20 years after the first film made its way into theaters.

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