James Cameron Overseeing ‘Terminator 6′; Tim Miller in Talks to Direct

Reboot Currently In The Works

Deadline is reporting that James Cameron is returning to The Terminator franchise, with Deadpool director Tim Miller in early talks to helm a reboot of the property.

The news landed like a bombshell, but it doesn’t sound like this proposed reboot/conclusion is about to come around the corner because Cameron will regain the Terminator rights in 2019, 35 years after the original Terminator movie was released. Report says the plan is for Miller to direct with what they come up with, as Cameron will be busy directing the four Avatar sequels.

It is also being reported that David Ellison of Skydance (Terminator Genisys) is putting the money behind the project and is currently “engaging some top-flight science fiction authors” to help break the story.

There are no other details regarding any kind of plot or if Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back (ha), but we’ll be back to keep a watchful eye on this one.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

One Response to James Cameron Overseeing ‘Terminator 6′; Tim Miller in Talks to Direct

  1. Kevin says:

    Let’s hope Cameron can give us the story we’ve wanted since the first two. The movie franchise has been in a downward spiral since T2 – the story was always about Sarah Connor, not John.

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